Antibody Logbook 2.0

(June 13th, 2014) To keep their peers from wasting time and money on finding a working antibody, three life scientists from Liège, Belgium, invented the Antibody-Adviser - a simple, fast and effective way to search, rate and share antibody experiments online.

At the moment, suppliers are flooding the market with millions of antibodies. But they are not always optimal for all of the specific applications indicated in the product data sheets. As a result, scientists are constantly searching for the best antibody that could, potentially, likely, possibly, maybe... fit to their needs. How to proceed? Most of the time, after days of searching through publications, websites, forums and supplier catalogues, researchers end up ordering and testing a few of the many available candidates from different suppliers, without a guarantee of success. Unfortunately, that process costs time, money and is repeated again and again, in many laboratories all over the world. It does not have to be that way. Scientists should focus on what matters the most: the science. And that is where and why Antibody-Adviser can help.

Scientists can now trash their old excel sheets. Their new antibody logbooks are already accessible from any computer connected to the Internet. Indeed, provides researchers with the first dynamic online tool that facilitates the tracking of antibodies, at various levels. First of all, suppliers have played a role by sharing their lists with us, making it easier to identify the antibody users are interested in. Starting with the pre-populated lists, users can then build their personal logbook, with the additional possibility of creating teams to easily share their protocols with teammates and collaborators. Antibody-Advisers are able to turn their online antibody lists into gorgeous PDFs they can print, archive and bring to meetings or the bench. Additionally, as researchers are increasingly moving from one laboratory to another, comments added by a user are automatically integrated into the antibody logbooks of new teams. And this will be the case until they move on to another lab, with past contributions staying with the group, allowing PIs to better manage the antibodies used in their laboratory. Of course, users keep their own lists and can use them with new teams.

Furthermore, while helping each individual scientist, also wants to connect them all to improve/enhance their daily bench life. Because united we stand: ratings and reviews are made public, which is essential to make the search for the right antibody more efficient. Finally, when a researcher has trouble with searching for a specific antibody, they can ask for help on our website. We are present on almost all social networks and, be sure, we do our best to spread scientist queries to track down the best adviser.

Why should you trust Antibody-Adviser and how is it different? It is founded by and for scientists and, therefore, dedicated to simplifying every researcher’s scientific life. It is a crowd-sourced, Not-for-Profit organisation, totally independent from antibody suppliers (although they are welcome to share their product listing with us). However, it is also intended to serve companies, to develop the best antibodies. As experienced biologists, you will help them to stay up-to-date with the quality of their products. It is free and offers many links to other useful websites and various online tools. It has a modern look and feel, and will continue to evolve with the scientific community’s needs.

All scientists, regular/daily antibody consumers, are invited to become Antibody Advisers. By reviewing and streamlining your own daily research, you will directly contribute to improving the scientific process, helping lab mates and countless colleagues all around the world find the right antibody.

Vincent Botta, Jerome Kroonen and Christophe Poulet

Picture: Antibody-Adviser

Last Changes: 08.11.2014