Science Fun of the Week

(September 9th, 2016) Get ready for your weekly dose of science fun. Today: Elephant in the laboratory.

Cell biologist, Manuela Tumiati, University of Helsinki, explains: "Meibomian glands are specialised sebaceous glands found at the inner rim of eyelids. Their product, an oily substance, prevents the eyes from drying out. Sebaceous glands are generally found in hair-covered areas in mammals and are essential to maintain the skin as waterproof, lubricated and protected from infections. In the picture, Meibomian glands run along the elephant’s trunk, while the eye and the ear flap are hair (lash and whisker) roots".

"The Eyelid Elephant" was part of the 2014 Molecular Medicine Goes Art exhibition in Helsinki, organised by FIMM, the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland.

Image: Manuela Tumiati, University of Helsinki

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