Science Fun of the Week

(December 2nd, 2016) Get ready for your weekly dose of science fun. Today: The Danish vodka myth.

From the introduction:

"According to Danish urban folklore, it is possible to become drunk by submerging feet in alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, claims exist of urine becoming red when feet are submerged in beetroot juice. Because the transcutaneous transport of alcohol to the circulation may have widespread implications, such urban myths need to be investigated in a scientific setting. We determined whether alcohol can be detected in the circulation of humans after submersion of their feet in vodka; the Peace On Earth (Percutaneous Ethanol Absorption Could Evoke Ongoing Nationwide Euphoria And Random Tender Hugs) study. The results could have great implications, by freeing human resources for other, relevant, activities."

Read the entire paper here.

Picture: Hodan

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