Science Fun of the Week

(March 17th, 2017) Get ready for your weekly dose of science fun. Today (a bit more serious): Heavy Metal and scientific thinking.

From the introductory section of the paper titled "Deathcore, Creativity and Scientific thinking":

"This paper argues how apparently unrelated fields specifically music and belief systems can be combined in a provocative allegory to provide novel perspectives regarding patterns in nature, thereby potentially inspiring innovation in the natural, social and other sciences. The merger between basic human tensions such as those embodied by religion and music, for example the heavy metal genre of deathcore, may be perceived as controversial, challenging, and uncomfortable. However, it is an example of moving the thinking process out of unconsciously established comfort zones, through the connection of apparently unrelated entities. We argue that music, as an auditory art form, has the potential to enlighten and boost creative thinking in science. Metal, as a fast evolving and diversifying extreme form of musical art, may be particularly suitable to trigger surprising associations in scientific inquiry. This may pave the way for dealing with questions about what we don't know that we don't know in a fast-changing planet."

Read the rest of the paper here.


Photos: Hodan (clown); Falko Windisch (band)

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