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ESOF2014: Antibiotic Resistance: A Ticking Time Bomb?

(July 23rd, 2014) Our weapons against pathogenic bacteria are becoming increasingly blunt. It’s time to talk openly about how to avert this threat to human health. During the ESOF conference, Anne Glover, Henrik Wegener and Birgitta Normark shared their opinions and ideas.


ESOF2014: Europe - The Science Place to Be?

(July 8th, 2014) Every two years, researchers from all areas of science get together to share their knowledge, ideas and experience at the EuroScience Open Forum, ESOF. This year, meeting participants travelled to beautiful Copenhagen. LT reporter, Karin Lauschke, was on-site.


Vienna Calling

(July 3rd, 2014) Last month, the International Vienna Biocenter Summer School commenced for the fifth year. 20 lucky undergraduate students from around the world were selected out of nearly 2000 applicants to spend ten weeks at the school and gain valuable research experience and skills.


EU Scientists Head for the Cold

(July 1st, 2014) While most of their colleagues will be spending their summer walking around in flip-flops and eating ice cream, three researchers from the Czech Republic, Poland and Belgium will be ditching their beachwear and going North to study life in the Arctic.


A Never-Ending Story

(June 27th, 2014) Whenever you think it’s finally over, the notorious Séralini study on GM-fed rats surfaces again. Just a few days ago, a new chapter started. Environmental Sciences Europe re-published the paper.


Good Value for Money

(June 24th, 2014) Some governmental spending seems more like a massive waste of money than a good investment into a country’s future. A recent study suggests that every pound given to cancer research is money well spent.


Robotics from the Roots

(June 20th, 2014) Closely mimicking the intricate designs created by nature have greatly benefited technological advancements. Now, the EU-funded project PLANTOID plans to take it to the grass roots, creating robotic systems based on the energy efficient and adaptive models found in plants.


To be or not to be Independent, that is the Question!

(July 17th, 2014) In September, Scotland will decide about its future. However, a possible independence from the UK will not only lead to changes in the country’s economy but also in science and research. For the better or the worse, no-one can know for sure.


Antibody Logbook 2.0

(June 13th, 2014) To keep their peers from wasting time and money on finding a working antibody, three life scientists from Liège, Belgium, invented the Antibody-Adviser - a simple, fast and effective way to search, rate and share antibody experiments online.


(Re)cycled Internet Data does not Make ‘Attractive’ Science

(June 11th, 2014) We just received a new Research Letter from Switzerland by our corresponding author, Albern Räder (a.k.a. Jeremy Garwood).


Lunch is Served … on a Petri Dish!

(June 6th, 2014) Since last year, when a lab-grown hamburger was publicly chomped, in vitro meat is no longer so science fiction-y phenomenon. Turning the technology into an everyday reality is, however, an enormous challenge - but two Dutch researchers have an idea.


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