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Paid Educational Journey

(August 26th, 2014) Not only rock stars go on world tour. The British Orthopaedic Research Society recently gave three young researchers the chance to see the world and expand their knowledge at the same time. Lab Times reporter, Nicola Hunt, was one of the lucky fellowship winners.


Shining Light on Cell Communication

(August 22nd, 2014) Since its inception, optogenetics has turned neuroscience research inside out. Researchers at the Austrian Institute of Science and Technology have now improved optogenetic tools further, to better understand and manipulate cell signalling and regeneration.


Beer, Football and Science, a Winning Combination

(August 19th, 2014) Fortune-telling animals are a phenomenon whenever 22 men meet on a grass field during an international tournament. For this year’s World Cup, scientists in Dresden tested the prophetic ability of some of their research subjects, including, flies, yeast and zebrafish.


Open-door Publishing

(August 14th, 2014) Open access publishing has broken the barricades in Science, allowing better access to invention and discoveries. The new journal Winnower gives a whole new dimension to transparency in academic publishing - all the way from submission to reviewing, rejection and retraction.


Confessions of a Postdoc (20): Teamwork in Lab Work

(August 11th, 2014) Since 2010, Anjana Nityanandam has shared her inner thoughts, experiences and feelings that come with being a postdoc. Here are her latest insights into the world of a research scientist that many are probably all too familiar with.


ESOF2014: Genetic Privacy in the Genomic Era?

(August 6th, 2014) Public databases are full of genomic data from mice, worms but also human patients. Jan Korbel and Ewan Birney share their opinion on anonymisation and handling of the new wave of big data.


ESOF2014: Young Scientists Fighting Age-related Diseases

(June 30th, 2014) The ineffectiveness of antibiotics and the spread of infectious diseases are to some extent manageable but there’s one health threat that cannot be escaped: Aging. George Garinis, Björn Schumacher, Lene Rasmussen and Gerald de Haan spoke about their projects for a healthy long life.


ESOF2014: From Pathogens to Pandemics: Can we Handle the Risk?

(July 25th, 2014) Wouldn't it be great to be one step ahead of vicious viruses causing influenza, Aids and West Nile fever? Italian physicist, Vittoria Colizza, uses computational epidemiology to understand and stop epidemic outbreaks. She told us all about it during ESOF2014.


ESOF2014: Antibiotic Resistance: A Ticking Time Bomb?

(July 23rd, 2014) Our weapons against pathogenic bacteria are becoming increasingly blunt. It’s time to talk openly about how to avert this threat to human health. During the ESOF conference, Anne Glover, Henrik Wegener and Birgitta Normark shared their opinions and ideas.


ESOF2014: Europe - The Science Place to Be?

(July 8th, 2014) Every two years, researchers from all areas of science get together to share their knowledge, ideas and experience at the EuroScience Open Forum, ESOF. This year, meeting participants travelled to beautiful Copenhagen. LT reporter, Karin Lauschke, was on-site.


Vienna Calling

(July 3rd, 2014) Last month, the International Vienna Biocenter Summer School commenced for the fifth year. 20 lucky undergraduate students from around the world were selected out of nearly 2000 applicants to spend ten weeks at the school and gain valuable research experience and skills.


EU Scientists Head for the Cold

(July 1st, 2014) While most of their colleagues will be spending their summer walking around in flip-flops and eating ice cream, three researchers from the Czech Republic, Poland and Belgium will be ditching their beachwear and going North to study life in the Arctic.


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