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The Bunny Colour Code

(April 17th, 2014) On Easter, children all over Europe shall begin to keenly search their neighbourhood for gifts, chocolate eggs, and the ever-elusive Easter Rabbit. Timed to perfection, scientists have identified the genetic basis for colour variations in rabbits.



(April 15th, 2014) When it comes to sex, people living in the southern states of the US are more conservative than their northern fellow citizens. Funnily, the same is true for a certain fruit fly species. What’s behind this opposing fly behaviour?


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Research Ruled by Heart not Head

(April 11th, 2014) A recent study by the Zoological Society London shows that researchers are biased in the choice of their research subjects. Will this human perspective put some species even closer to extinction?


Public or Private

(April 7th, 2014) How should alleged cases of research misconduct be handled? A new study shows that discussing fraudulent papers in public has a big impact on final, corrective actions.


Sustainable Fashion: Would you Wear Birch?

(April 4th, 2014) Besides food, clothing our ever-increasing human population is going to be a major challenge in the near future. The need for sustainable clothing is felt today, more than ever. Finnish scientists developed a cool solution to this problem: birch cellulose-based fabric.


Improbable Fun in Copenhagen

(April 1st, 2014) On its annual tour through Europe, the Ig Nobel show stopped over at Copenhagen University last week. Together with acting and past winners, Marc Abrahams did what he does best – first make people laugh, then think. Karin Lauschke reports.


Confessions of a Postdoc (17): Dealing with Stress - The Unavoidable Consequence of Life

(March 28th, 2014) Since 2010, Anjana Nityanandam has shared her inner thoughts, experiences and feelings that come with being a postdoc. Here are her latest insights into the world of a research scientist that many are probably all too familiar with.


Shitty Treasure Chests

(March 25th, 2014) Despite its rather disgusting nature, poop holds a wealth of secrets and is the source of a myriad of research projects. And you don’t even need a fresh sample. French researchers found that coprolites, fossilised faecal matter, reveal just as much.


Red Wine, Painkillers and Cancer

(March 21st, 2014) Mixing alcohol and painkillers has never been touted as a good idea. However, that didn’t stop a team of French scientists from investigating the effect of Aspirin and red wine on cancerous cells. Want to know what they found out? Read on!


Defend your Values

(March 18th, 2014) Swiss university officials complain about their exclusion from Erasmus and Horizon 2020 after the Swiss vote to control immigration. They have woken up too late. Now they should learn their lesson, says Florian Fisch.


The Crack of Doom for STAP Cells (updated)

(March 12th, 2014) The latest news on the mysterious STAP cells come as a real bombshell. One of the co-authors requests the papers to be retracted. Leonid Schneider has the lowdown.


Teaching the Next Generation

(March 11th, 2014) The best stories are written by life, as they say. A group of evolutionary biologists, thus, gathered to think up a book explaining evolution to children. Through crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, they now collected enough money to publish it.


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