Labtimes 01/2013 - Table of Content

HumourPaul the Postdoc6
NewsPicture of the issue / Two star researchers passed away / Chinese researcher sues Nobel Committee / Recently Awarded / Nature releases preliminary results of lab safety survey / Illegal drug tests in the former GDR? / UK government pushes genome sequencing of cancer patients / Scottish researchers expose Salmonellae’s tricks to invade their hosts6
OpinionObservations of The Owl (41): Behind Conference Curtains14
OpinionResearch letter from... Denmark: Football for Homeless Health16
OpinionOver the Line? (8): Is Science Working?17
AnalysisCover story - A professional athlete is convicted of doping. However, the evidence presented is fraught with errors and manipulation18
AnalysisInterview - Andrew Adamatzky about the role of slime moulds as universal computing substrates24
Journal ClubAarhus/Denmark & Amsterdam/The Netherlands How come birds and mammals have identical hearts?28
Journal ClubLeicester/UK Mutants reveal the secrets of chloroplast biogenesis30
Journal ClubGeneva/ Switzerland What’s the developmental origin of crocodile head scales?32
Publication StatisticsDevelopmental Biology research in Europe34
Publication StatisticsWhat's behind paper retractions? (14): How to Report Alleged Scientific Misconduct37
BiobizBelgium’s Galapagos acquires drug design company / Lonza goes new way to solubilise proteins / Spain’s Idifarma offers new service / Is AstraZeneca about to kill 400 beagles?38
BiobizManagement salaries - Top managing directors rake in enormous sums. Will such self-enrichment soon be over?40
BiobizBusiness landscape is changing - To refresh their weakening pipeline, Amgen takes over Icelandic Decode Genetics41
BiobizCompany Feature - At England’s historic heart, a few mavericks produce pieces of art from their customers’ DNA42
MethodsBench philosophy (42): 3D cell culture45
MethodsTips and tricks of the trade: DIY low-temperature shaker incubator48
ProductsProduct survey: Manual Micropipettes49
ProductsNew products54
BooksFragonard Museum. The Écorchés by Christophe Degueurce55
AnalysisCareer strategies for young European scientists (XL) Prospering Biomed Research Down Under56
HumourOne fine day in the lab 61
HumourCartoon: Cynical Sid (15)66