EU Funding & Career

windThirsty for scientific adventure in a strange, new world? If so, go ahead and explore. But while, doing research is basically the same wherever you go, obtaining the cash to do so varies from border to border. To give you the chance to roll in research money, Lab Times has put together some basics on local funding schemes for each European country.

Austria (2.2008)
National programmes open to anyone: Austrian Euros ... more
Baltics (3.2011)
Funding opportunities in the Baltics – where things will soon take a great leap forward ... more
Belgium (5.2010)
Funding opportunities in Belgium − where things are slowly getting started ... more
Czech Republic (6.2011)
Funding opportunities in the Czech Republic – where reforms promise to get things rolling ... more
Denmark (2.2010)
Doing a PhD (or more) in Denmark ... more
Finland (1.2011)
Funding opportunities in Finland – where the research climate gets cosier and cosier ... more
Finland (3.2009)
Doing a PhD in Finland ... more
France (4.2009)
Doing a PhD (or more) in France ... more
Germany (5.2007)
The German perspective ... more
Greece (4.2011)
Funding opportunities in Greece – where the scientific community recollects old traditions ... more
Hungary (7.2010)
Funding opportunities in Hungary – where foreign scientists need a good funding nest egg ... more
Ireland (6.2010)
Funding opportunities in Ireland – where things are currently at the crossroads ... more
Israel (3.2010)
Doing a PhD (or more) in Israel ... more
Italy (1.2010)
Doing a PhD (or more) in Italy ... more
Netherlands (4.2008)
Funding opportunities in the Netherlands open to anyone ... more
Norway (4.2010)
Funding opportunities in Norway − where research is gradually becoming a priority ... more
Poland (2.2011)
Funding opportunities in Poland – where radical reforms will shake up old research structures ... more
Portugal (5.2009)
Doing a PhD (or more) in Portugal ... more
Russia (5.2011)
Funding opportunities in Russia – where patience is still needed in many areas ... more
Spain (6.2009)
Doing a PhD (or more) in Spain ... more
Sweden (2.2009)
Funding opportunities in Sweden ... more
Switzerland (1.2008)
Swiss Fraenkli ... more
UK Part 1 (5.2008)
Science by the Pound (1) ... more
UK Part 2 (6.2008)
Science by the Pound (2) ... more
Western Balkans (3.2008)
Brain gain schemes in the Western Balkans ... more